Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Girls & I

This Summer/Fall I was thrilled to have another opportunity to have 2 of my best friends back in the same state as me. Jackie had moved away 4 years prior and I knew we would be moving away in October. So we tried to make the best of our few months together! This included redoing a photo shoot we had done 4 years earlier, right before Jackie moved. In our time "apart" so much changed in our lives. Jackie had a second child. I had my first child and was expecting my second. And Chrissy was nearly due with her first child! While we would have loved to also get a photo with all of our kids tangled in our legs, we had to think realistically...and opted to keep it just us girls. I am blessed to have one biological sister who I'm very close with, so I never expected I'd get two more bonus sisters! After 10+ years of friendship we are each others family...And I miss them so much!

Here is our original photo shoot from 4 years ago.

And here is a sampling of the photos from our photo shoot a few months ago. There are too many GREAT ones to post them all. Thanks to Jessica Sprowl for capturing the photographs. I thoroughly enjoyed editing and playing with them.


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