Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Change is hard...

Even for Mom! Today was our speech therapy evaluation at a new place, in a new state, with a new therapist. This is at a much smaller clinic than what were were used to. Also, the parents don't accompany the child into the room! Such a difference than our therapy experiences! The good news is that our Speech therapist has a lot of feeding problem experience. So she'll work on Gavin's feeding at the same time! Our new schedule has us going to half hour appointments twice a week. Long drive for only a half hour, but we're anxious for some improvements. In addition this therapist will provide us the information to get Gavin started in a Pre-K class for speech and other delays. These classes are all day 5 days a week! We'll see how he handles half days to start maybe. He has to be 3 before he can be in the program, so 3 months until he's eligible. I think he'll enjoy having something to do everyday!

Also, Matt came home today with a tentative start date for his first flight school (IFS which is 6 weeks long depending on weather). Right now his date to begin is March 8th. They might try to class him up early to ensure he'll be done before my due date, but we'd actually prefer to stick with the original date so we can enjoy more time off now!

A quick photo of Gavin picking his sock lint (a new pastime of his) while wearing Daddy's beanie hat!

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