Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's already the middle of February?

This has been a busy month so far! Earlier this month I traveled alone to Virginia to do a newborn photo shoot of baby Olivia! She is the new baby to our friends Dave & Tara. Their son Davey is Gavin's age and now Olivia and Laney will be around the same age! We are looking forward to their family moving to Florida next month!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I failed miserably at flowered head bands. So in an effort to redeem my pride I've gone overboard with making booties/slippers for Laney. She'll have a bare head, but great footwear! Don't ask why I'm making pair after pair of wool &/or felt booties for my child whom is due May 26th, and we live in Florida. I realize the irony in this. But I need some project to be my creative outlet! We have central air...she can wear them indoors!


A Little Girl!!

Last week I had the great pleasure of 'seeing' our little girl again and getting the confirmation we were hoping for! She is indeed a girl! I had the ultrasound at a local Ultrasound Institute by some very excited new students and their instructor. They enjoyed it just as much as I did!