Monday, July 18, 2011


Friday marks 11 years of wedded bliss for Matt and I. Wow. ELEVEN years! Amazing how quickly the years slip by when you're living them with someone you enjoy, cherish, and love. Our marriage is an continuing journey during which we have taken many new roads, picked up some extra "people" and fortunately have experienced very little bumpy terrain!

In addition to our wedding anniversary, I'm celebrating my own anniversary! July 18th, 2010 was my first run. Ever, really. After that run I logged "OMG!!! I finished even though I felt death was imminent!" In the last year, I have pushed myself harder than I ever have before and because of that, I've achieved so much. As I embark on my 2nd year as a runner, I continue to work towards a goal. 365 miles in 2011. Today is the 199th day. I'm at 216 miles. I'm looking forward to more regular runs with the kids (and Matt when he's able), more track work, a first race, half marathon with a best friend, and many hours listening to my own breaths while soaring over miles using my own two feet! Talk about an exhilarating feeling. Running X miles because I decide I can and I will. 

My inspirational word today is "Persistent". I was inspired tonight while reading an entry in the book Mile Markers to label myself with that term, as a reminder of how far I've come and how far I still want to go. I'm proud & thrilled to have Matt next to me for each stride. 

"Outlines" Page 101-103