Thursday, August 19, 2010

The cow.

We're Minnesotan's. We might live in Florida currently, but we were both raised in Minnesota. So it really shouldn't shock anyone that we do things differently. But I can't even explain this one! 

Gavin just "found" Matt's lucky cow. 

I'm not sure how it started, or where the cow came from. But for the last 10 years this cow has traveled the world with my husband! I assume it's lucky because my husband has always returned home safely to me. So you can bet that as Matt begins his next portion of flight school this month, he'll be carrying a cow in his pocket! We want him to return from every flight safely!


  1. Cute! I had a lucky hippo once upon a time. I was getting out of a car in Houston, looked down and found a little hippo. That was such a great summer and the hippo seemed like a gift. I kept it for years, but one day it was gone.

    I'm glad Matt still has his!

  2. We have the lucky Yoshi. We call it the dinosaur woobie