Friday, May 7, 2010


Have we really made it to Friday of the longest week of my life? YES!!!!

As Daddy and Gavin departed this morning on their way to school, with all smiles, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride! In 5 short days my baby has turned into a school boy and seems to be adjusting well. I expect Monday might be a hard day again after 2 days off. But hopefully it won't take 3 days to readjust. In one week we have changed his sleeping habits, morning routine, have revisited potty training (and not had any wet diapers!), sent him to school for 7+ hours a day and let him ride the bus! That's a lot for a just-turned-3-year-old! Sure, he's walked away with a cold from all the exposure at school, but we can deal with that! 

Dinners at our house are now very interesting...After a long hard day, Gavin is READY for bed and asks to go "night-night".

Next week will bring more excitement with my 38 week OB appointment where we'll find out if induction will happen the following week, and Gavin's 1st field trip (And Daddy gets to go with!).


  1. Wow what a big boy!

    And is that spaghetti night I see in that pic?

  2. Yes, thanks for the idea! He ate some, but that was the night he asked to go to bed at 5:20 and was VERY upset when I said no!